Kiiroo platform

Video about Kiiroo:

A revolutionary communication platform that enables you to see, hear and feel

Kiiroo is an award winning company that creates devices for men and woman that can simulate actual physical intimacy over the internet. Kiiroo creates the possibility to touch your partner from anywhere over the world. They create a whole new internet experience.

To be able to connect the devices to the computer (Bluetooth) and with each other over the internet, special software had to be designed together with an innovative new video chat application. The video chat application sends tactile data as well as video/audio, which no other video chat can do. The tactile data is simply movement data from one device, turned into numbers and sent to the another computer, then transferred back into movement data for another device.

I created the interaction design for both the connectivity software application and video chat application.

YEAR: 2014
CATEGORY: Desktop app
CLIENT: Kiiroo