A few sketches design thought process :

Product screenshots:

Soccer Resource Management System.

The Soccer Resource Management app was commissioned by SciSports for one of their clients. The purpose of the application is to improve the internal exchange of soccer player information between the player agents of their client. Player agents must have all information about the professional soccer players from their own information network/database from wherever they are.

Some of the main features include:

- Create, share and view all general notes made by all player agents.
- Create, share and view all notes about positions needed (possible vacancies).
- Create, share and view all notes from club meetings.
- View all information from all the soccer players in the database.
- Create, share and view all notes attached to an individual soccer player.
- Contact other player agents.

I created the interaction design for the iPhone application.

YEAR: 2014
CATEGORY: Mobile (iPhone)
CLIENT: SciSports
URL: App url – N/A (internal distribution)| client –

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