The Voice

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The Voice [Red Room]

The app was created for the global market of the TV talent show “The Voice”. With the app we wanted to create an environment where the fans could find the “voice experience” both during the show as well through the rest of the week. Content and storytelling where key factors to create the experience.

The landing screen of the app was a dynamic dashboard that was used to provide a general overview of the app and it’s content. Using push notifications and a badge system in the dashboard, the user was kept well informed about any new interesting content. The user could listen to music and watch video’s right from the app.  Using a filter, the user could easily find specific content and favorite particular items to their personal playlist.

The talent and news section of the app provided the opportunity to learn more about the talents and the show. Fans of a particular talent could find all related and latest content on the profile of the talent in the talent section. Using the follow feature would make it even more easy finding content of a particular talent through out the app.

During the show on TV the user could play different live games that where in sync with the show, creating a second screen experience. During the rest of the week the user could play other games that where connected / in preparation to the next show.


I worked on UX / interaction design expansions and created the UX design for the games.

YEAR: 2015
CATEGORY: Mobile (iPhone, Android)
EMPLOYER: MediaMonks
URL: App store – | Play store –

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