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Product screenshots:

The platform for amateur soccer in Holland.

The voetbal.nl mobile app together with the website, form the platform for amateur soccer players and enthusiast in Holland. They can use the app to view the latest match results, competition program, and the latest score (nationwide), plus many more features like: Search for teams/clubs, share programs and results, add your own photo/video and match reports to a match.

I created the interaction designs for some updates/new features for the already existing apps. Unfortunately it was not possible to redesign the entire apps for best results, so i had to implement them in the existing old design.

Some of the new features i included where: Get notified when a match has been canceled, changed or the match results are known (push notifications) , create and manage your own list of teams/clubs, buy competition schedule and add to device calendar (in app purchase), create a tour (for the app), a present function which the player of a team can use to set their present status for a match,  possibility to connect the KNVB relation number to the app, plus a few more changes on existing features and some new features that haven’t been published yet.

While being limited by working with the already existing design, i also had to take in to account that the app and website have to work perfectly together (synchronized data / shared database).

YEAR: 2013 – 2014
CATEGORY: Mobile (iPhone, Android)
CLIENT: Voetbalmedia
URL: App store - http://goo.gl/epY4cK | Play store – http://goo.gl/pjrPf

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